OECM – SD WAN Solution Announcement

Integra Data Systems and Fortinet Inc are pleased to be an awarded OECM supplier partner for the SD-WAN solution.

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is challenging the traditional wide area network (WAN) infrastructure as it relates to bandwidth costs, link utilization, security, traffic engineering/visibility and touchless provisioning.

School Boards in Ontario are evaluating their WAN design options and the available access through SD-WAN. Cloud services, virtualization and an increase of students and staff accessing applications in the cloud are accelerating the demand placed on Board networks.


Optimized SD-WAN with Security Fabric Control and Visibility

Distributed enterprises can leverage the benefits of centralized management, visibility and automation capabilities of the Fortinet Security Fabric to reduce complexity and increase IT efficiency. Fortinet enhanced SD-WAN includes zero-touch deployment options and new orchestration and service chaining capabilities.


  • Expanded Fabric Topology visualizations that enable distributed enterprises to dynamically monitor both the physical and logical network topology and link utilization.
  • Complete visibility into the applications and users on the network arms IT with information on traffic patterns and utilization so they can intelligently allocate IT resources.
  • Integrated Smart WAN Link Load balancing and granular health monitoring metrics enable distributed enterprises to select the most efficient route for their business-critical traffic and automatically reroutes traffic if the connection degrades.
  • Dynamic Cloud application database supports hundreds of SaaS applications and dynamically updates IP addresses to enable efficient routing and reduces IT troubleshooting.